Another boulder thrown off bridge causes near-fatal accident – video

Rocks and other objects thrown off a bridge on N17 nearly caused a fatal accident when the targeted vehicle rolled after swerving to avoid them.

This is a second incident in the same week which saw a woman and her 7-year-old brother killed in a similar encounter.

KZN WATCH reported that the two died on arrival at a Ballito hospital in KwaZulu-Natal after being crashed by a huge boulder thrown off a bridge on N2.


The recent one occurred on N17 past the tollgate heading to Johannesburg where a Ford Ranger bakkie crashed as a result of rocks and other objects being thrown from a bridge onto the freeway.

Rocks and wooden poles were thrown onto the freeway from the bridge. The driver swerved to avoid them but unfortunately a big rock hit the bakkie ripping off the left front suspension, leading to the bakkie becoming airborne and rolling over multiple times.

The vehicle rolled from one bridge to another.

The passenger had a collarbone injury and the driver broke his collarbone and dislocated his shoulder.

The wrecked car after hitting a boulder