Man killed after jumping off bridge onto busy N1 freeway

The accident scene where the man apparently committed suicide

A man was killed on N1 northbound highway after he was knocked by a car apparently after he jumped off Milward road bridge onto the busy highway.

At approx 20h50 Wednesday evening JHB West Responders received an urgent message from Florida CPF Sector 2 members for assistance on the N1 North highway under the Milward Road bridge between Maraisburg Road and Gordon Road.

Initial reports indicated a motor vehicle accident with a possible fatality. Unfortunately when JHB West Responders arrived on scene it became apparent that it was a suicide and not a motor vehicle accident as earlier thought.


Witnesses say that the man jumped from the bridge and was struck by several cars and also causing several small collisions between vehicles who swerved to avoid the man.

A good samaritan risked her own life and parked her vehicle in front of the man who was lying on the carriageway to prevent him from being struck by any other vehicles.

A number of Emergency services responded very quickly to the scene and the teamwork was great to see. Unfortunately the man succumbed to the injuries he sustained and was pronounced dead on scene.

Trauma counsellors from Flomotion Victim Empowerment Programme were on scene to counsel motorists who were traumatised by this tragic event.

This time of year can be a difficult time for many, if you are contemplating suicide and need someone to talk to please call the SADAG Suicide Hotline on 0800 567567