Watch: Robbed in seconds as Car-jammers strike in Joburg

Johannesburg – South Africa is one of the world’s hot spots for hijacking and vehicle theft. Alarmingly, many car owners are also robbed of their possessions by criminals breaking into vehicles.

A growing trend among criminals is the use of car-remote jamming; a technique used by criminals whereby a signal blocks attempts to lock your vehicle via your alarm remote.

Over in a matter of seconds

A video posted by CICA, shows car-jamming in action as yet another SA motorist falls victim to criminals in Johannesburg.


In the video you can spot two cars are parked next to each other. Both vehicles are parked at the entrance to convenience store at a fueling station. A man exists the white Hyundai i20, parked in a ‘disabled parking’ bay, and approaches the grey Mazda 2.

Within in seconds, the man moves to the Mazda’s boot, opens it and removes what appears to be a laptop bag.

Nonchalantly, the burglar returns to the getaway car’s backseat before driving off.

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