Young single mom and daughter laid to rest together after tragic accident

A young single mother from Pretoria and her toddler were buried together on Friday after they died in a head-on collision on Thursday 5 January.

Two other vehicles were involved in the crash.

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Soané Pennells, who celebrated her 25th birthday on 3 December, was with her daughter Miané in her silver Volkswagen Polo when the accident took place.

Miané (5) was declared dead at the scene and Soané died that same evening before 9pm at the Netcare Unitas hospital after she was operated on.

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Bianca Louw (26), Soané’s cousin, bravely told YOU that Soané had suffered fatal internal injuries. Her heart had stopped at the scene of the accident and emergency services had placed her on life support.

She says that the circumstances surrounding the accident are still quite vague. The mother and daughter apparently collided with two other vehicles head-on.

The occupants of the other vehicles survived, but one other woman also suffered serious injuries.

Constable Tumisang Moloto, Wierdabrug police spokesperson, also could only confirm that the events surrounding the accident are still being investigated.

According to Bianca, Soané was on her way from her best friend’s house to her parents’ home in Capital Park when the accident happened. Soané, who worked for a telecommunications company, was still on leave but had done her friend’s eyelashes and was to meet up with Bianca later that day. She wanted to check in with her parents first because they had been away on holiday for a while.

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Soané and her daughter lived on their own in Rooihuiskraal north after she split from Miané’s father. At the time of her death Soané had been seeing someone else for a while.

Bianca says that family and friends are consoled by the fact that mother and daughter passed away together.

“She (Soané) would not have been able to handle it if she lost her child and survived. A child can more easily get over the loss of a parent but Soané would not have been able to handle losing her child.”

She says that Miané’tjie or Lyfie, like Soané affectionately called her, and her mother were very close. The pair would regularly send voice notes to family and friends on WhatsApp.

“Miané’tjie was her mom’s beginning and end. She lived for her child.”

Bianca describes her cousin as a spontaneous person who loved to chat. “We could chat for hours. I already miss her calls. She left an impression on people and was always there for everyone, doesn’t matter who they were.”

She adds that Soané was very career driven and in the New Year she was hoping to offer child more financial stability.

But that dream has been tragically cut short.


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