Bloemfontein SPCA pleads for help after teen ‘snaps dog’s leg in half to test strength’

bloemfontein spca dog injured

The Bloemfontein SPCA has appealed for donations after a puppy had to undergo emergency surgery after its leg was snapped in half, allegedly at the hands of a teenage boy.

SPCA inspector Duane Matthee said the organisation received a call after neighbours heard a dog screaming in pain.

Matthee said when he arrived at the scene a teenager was present and explained he wanted to test his strength after Googling that “bones are hard to break”.

“When we arrived we saw the dog had an open fracture (the bone was protruding from the animals skin) and was sitting in a pool of blood. The teenager was aggressive and explained he wanted to test his strength by breaking the dogs bone.”

Matthee said a charge of animal cruelty had been laid.

He said the dog, named Rover, was a terrier cross and had to undergo emergency surgery.

“His leg had to be amputated and it will be a long way until recovery. He will have to learn to walk again and the emotional scars will take a long time to heal.”

He said once the dog was healed it would be put up for adoption.

The organisation has appealed for donations from the public to help fund the medical costs of the operation and the care Rover will need.

Police could not confirm the incident at the time of publishing this article.

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