Eskom's proposed 16% tariff hikes

Durban – The public has been urged to comment on Eskom’s proposed 16% tariff hikes, energy expert Ted Blom from Energy Expert coalition has said.

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has called for the public to comment before January 20 as part of the decision-making process, after which Eskom’s application will be evaluated.

Blom said scheduled hearings would be held around the country, but people needed to register on the Nersa website if they want to attend or make a presentation. Members of the public and stakeholders who wish to attend or present their views at any of the public hearings must submit their request to by 3.30pm on January 27.

Venues for the hearings will be announced to the people who register. The Durban hearing will be on February 6.

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Blom, who will make presentations against the hikes around the country, said if Eskom succeeded in their application, there would be a substantial jump in current tariffs, which would see electricity costs double within a period of two years.

People wanting to participate can visit the link