Fireworks only allowed for this 30 minute period in eThekwini – How to report abuse

ethekwini municipal bylaw on fireworks

Durban – While the public is hyped for the approaching New Year’s eve celebrations, pet owners’ worries mount as they fear the worst for their furry friends.

Anti-fireworks advocates have only managed to force the eThekwini Municipality to reduce the impact, not a total ban of the fireworks.

eThekwini Municipal bylaw guidelines now only allow for fireworks to be set off on New Year’s Eve from 23h45 December 31 until 00h15 1 January, a 30 minute period only.

Anyone letting them off outside of the Bylaw stipulated time, will be liable for a fine of up to R10,000 imposed by Metro Police.

Low-hazard fireworks, such as fountains, lawn lights and sparkles can be lit in private homes.

Fireworks such as air bombs, supersonic bangs, sound shells, fountain whistles and screeches are prohibited as they cause a disturbance and are a nuisance to the neighbours.

Please make sure pets are secure in your house.

If you need to lay a complaint with Metro due to big bangs being used, please contact 031 361 0000. You will need to provide the address for them to respond to and request a reference number.

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