“I wish it was you who killed Senzo Meyiwa, so you could rot in jail,” Chicco Twala to son

longwe twala killed senzo meyiwa

A disheartened Chicco Twala said he wished his son, Longwe Twala, was the one who killed Senzo Meyiwa so he could rot in jail.

It’s the words you hear at the opening of a video recorded by Chicco at a police station where he had surrendered his son for stealing.

The South African musician and producer, Chicco Twala instructed police to shoot his son in addition to hurling a barrage of insults at him.

In the video posted by controversial Twitter parody account Man’s NOT Barry Roux, Twala’s son Longwe can be seen seated at the desk of a police officer while Twala’s voice can be heard ranting.

Text superimposed over the video states “voice of Chicco Twala at Diepkloof police station where he handed his son Longwe Twala to the police for stealing”.

Twala opens the video by telling Longwe that he wishes it was him who killed Senzo Meyiwa so that he could rot in jail.

He then proceeds to swear at Longwe before telling him that his behaviour and actions have destroyed his (Chicco’s) name.

“Everyone when they see Chicco Twala, they see a criminal, they see a drug lord, they see all this sh**,” screams Twala.

“Put a bullet on him, if he runs away, shoot him,” added Twala in response to a female voice in the background who says that Longwe will run away.

Twala then tells Longwe how he would rather bury him and that he would be better off dead than destroying his father’s name the way he currently is.

He concludes the clip by lambasting Longwe for wearing an EFF t-shirt while stealing and asks him if he was doing that because he wants Julius Malema to harass his father.

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