pashi reddy umhlanga new year's day brawl

A Kloof man who says he was assaulted in a brawl at a fast food outlet in Umhlanga has told ECR Newswatch he has nightmares about the incident.

Several videos of the New Year’s Day scuffle have been shared on social media.

In one of them, Pashi Reddy is seen being manhandled by a group of men while his fiance screams at them to let him go.

Reddy, who took part in season 2 of My Kitchen Rules SA, says the men made reference to the programme and insulted him.

He says they grabbed him by his tie causing him to pass out.

“They spat on me and swore at me while I was passed out, Kim tried to resuscitate me, but luckily she removed my tie. If Kim didn’t remove my tie, I would be dead. We have reported to the police, we have opened a file in Durban North”.

Reddy says he and his fiance are still recovering from the ordeal.

“She has bruises all over her body. I’ve got scars on my legs and neck. My throat is swollen from the tissue damage to my neck. We haven’t been to work. It’s been absolutely traumatic for us and our family,” he said.

Durban North police have confirmed a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm has been opened.

Warning: Video contains violence

OFFICIAL STATEMENT:Firstly we would like to thank our fans and family for the support through this terrible ordeal that both Kim and I have been subjected to.The Videos that have gone viral are snippets of one of the most traumatic nights of our lives.We have remained silent so that we can gather our thoughts, recover from our injuries but also seek the necessary legal advice.The Videos claiming that the incident was just a brawl are false and the result of people jumping to conclusions without understanding the situation.This was not a brawl but self-defence.On the morning of New year’s day ( 1st Jan) both Kim and i left a popular venue after celebrating Kim's Birthday as well as New years with friends and family. Kim was hungry so we decided that both of us would go to Restaurant X and grab something to eat before heading home… It was around 3 am and restaurant X was our best bet.Upon arriving to Restaurant X we realised that the drive through queue was bottlenecked and it would be a few hours so I parked the car and decided to run in by myself to get the food which was the quicker option.Kim and I love to celebrate each other’s birthdays, it’s the one time of the year that we both spoil each other and get dressed up…I was in a 3 piece suite and a hat. Kim waited in the car…When i entered it was a full house and i patiently waited in the queue for about 30 mins greeting some fans and making polite conversation.When i got to the Kiosk there were a large group of men to my left. They recognized me from My Kitchen Rules… They proceeded to pass inappropriate comments. They mocked me for being a chef and told me that i should go outside and cook them a meal. I turned to them a told them to leave me alone. I may have raised my voice to make that point as they went on for a bit before i had to say something.I then turned to the staff member serving me and ordered our meals. After making payment i noticed one of the men making a phone call to call someone… About a minute later two guys walked in from outside asking where is he…I turned back and found myself being surrounded by 7-10 men. It was a large group. They proceeded to tell me that i will learn tonight… Talking about how they would break my face and take me outside to show me who they are… I put my hands to my back and told them they can try do whatever they want but i will not go down lightly. I did tell them i want to leave as my fiancé was with me. They did not let me leave. They wanted to hurt me and this was said to my face. I tried to calm it down but that was met with more aggression which also made me raise my voice.My food was ready and i picked it up to leave. I saw a friend who was concerned and he told me To come with him but i told him Kim Is in the car i will wait here until these guys calm down.They continued to push me around. I did not fight back i was patient. Kim had a feeling something was up because it was a while that i had been in there… Kim ran in to see the large group of men surrounding me and me pushed up against a wall.Kim ran to my side telling them to leave me alone. This made them more upset which led to them telling Kim what they were going to do to me. They were going to kill me but first teach me a lesson. Kim told them to leave both of us alone we were going home.When Kim tried to leave by taking my hand one of the men swore Kim and gripped Kim’s arm aggressively pulling her aside. That’s when i reacted. I grabbed one of the guys with one hand and the other i used to catch Kim and pull her behind me ,I did this so that if they threw punches i would get hit and not her.I did not throw a punch I used my arm to keep the main aggressor away from Kim. The group of men each grabbed me overpowering me. They also pulled my tie, it tightened around my neck. When they realised i was choking they pulled harder to make me pass out. Kim continued to try fend them off but they were too strong and pushed her around.I fell to the ground and was unconscious. All the while Kim was being pushed around and verbally abused. I lay passed out on the floor a while whilst they spat, laughed and swore Kim who was trying to help me. I passed out which did not stop them from telling Kim they would hurt her . Kim managed to loosen the tie and i gasped for air regaining consciousness. If she had not done so they would have watch me die. A few more seconds and the damage would have been fatal. Kim in her panicked state tried everything from CPR as well as screaming for help.When i opened my eyes i saw Kim and the same group of men over me. Kim was in tears saying they choked me and i passed out. I said pass me my phone… It was on 3 percent battery. I called whoever i could to come help us. I knew some friends who were meeting us there and they may have been outside or in the queue . I prayed that they were there.Kim stood me up but i was still delirious and putting the pieces to puzzle Together. It felt like i woke up from a dream…As Kim helped me the men gloated and praised themselves for what they had done. Kim was bruised from their firm grip and her body sore from being pushed around. I had a rope burn from the tie and my throat was sore from being affixiated.We went outside to Leave but my keys and cards fell out from the struggle. We saw Kim’s sister and boyfriend who couldn’t understand the call but luckily were coming to meet us anyway for something to eat. When i saw them I quickly told them bits and pieces of what transpired. We went back in. To our surprize they were all still there. That’s when i pointed to them and said come outside. We wanted to get their names and report this. When they threw zaps and laughed I approached them to come outside now. There were no police before so i did not believe they were coming but we wanted details so we could take the necessary action.It got heated and i was reminded of what happen as things slowly came back to me. I was in protection mode and all i could remember was them hurting Kim and me. The fight broke out and the group advanced this led to our friends getting involved and helping us as we were out numbered.These men are claiming to be victims. They ganged up on two people. Choked me out in front of Kim and proceeded to push her around, laughing and shouting at my lifeless body. All because we were on TV!What happened after was a result of us being scared, pushed to our last resort and not knowing if we were going to get out of there.It was Self defense.The videos the public have seen are out of context. This was family protecting me after the second fight broke out but it all Stems from what they did to Kim and I minutes earlier.Nobody helped or informed the police when Kim and Myself lay there on the floor instead they filmed with their phones when someone was potentially dying . We didn’t think that anyone else would help so when the fight broke it was our lives we were fighting for.The videos you have seen are one sided. The other side have claimed to be the victims but the truth will prevail!The video i am about to share will show you the truth. You decide and if you support us. Please comment and share the true story! Let’s get justice.The video will show these men choking me which they claim they never did. What you see is Kim trying to make them stop and me choked out dropping to the floor while they all stood above my lifeless body making continued threats to both of us.

Posted by Pashi Reddy on Wednesday, 8 January 2020