KZN factory worker’s fingers amputated in grinding machine

worker's fingers amputated

A factory worker in Mkondeni, Pietermaritzburg has lost four fingers in a freak accident at his workplace.

Netcare 911’s Shawn Herbst said paramedics responded to reports of an industrial incident at a factory in Mkondeni Pietermaritzburg at 09H18 Friday morning.

Reports from the scene indicate that an adult male factory worker got his left hand stuck in a grinding machine.

When emergency services arrived on scene the machine was immediately locked out to allow emergency personnel to safely treat the patient.

Upon assessment it was found that the worker had four of his fingers amputated and was in severe pain.

The patient was treated on scene by a Netcare 911 Emergency Care Practitioner and given intravenous medication to ease the pain while the fire and rescue services dismantled the machine.

Once freed and stabilised the patient was transported by ambulance to hospital for further treatment.

Shawn Herbst

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