KZN pupil dies at school after being stabbed

pupil stabbed in ulundi

Durban – A KwaZulu-Natal grade 8 pupil has been stabbed to death at a school in Ulundi.

The incident, which took place on Friday at Ekudubeni Secondary School in Nkonjeni, has been confirmed by Kwazi Mthethwa, spokesperson of Education MEC Kwazi Mshengu.

It is understood the pupil was stabbed by a fellow pupil in Grade 9 and died at the school, according to the SABC. Police officers removed the suspect.

On October 16, an Eastwood Secondary School pupil in Pietermaritzburg died after being stabbed, while five others were hospitalised.

Earlier in that week, a girl was also stabbed in the buttocks.

Mthethwa said the incidents came after the launch of a school safety programme in September, which has recruited 1,500 community volunteers to be trained by the provincial department of community safety.

In response to the incident, the education department is calling on residents to report violence in schools, and on parents to raise their children with discipline, Mthethwa says.

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