One child stabbed to death at ‘summer festival’ in KZN

Durban – Official sources have confirmed the death of a minor, as presumably unsanctioned festivities at a Community Swimming Pool in Newcastle spiraled out of control yesterday afternoon.

Newcastle Advertiser reported that a minor was stabbed to death during what was believed to be a ‘summer festival’ at the pool complex.

Revellers, most of them under age, gathered at the complex on Saturday afternoon for the ‘festivities’ before an altercation broke out amongst themselves.

A minor was stabbed to death in this melee.

Another minor has been transported to hospital in a critical condition, although it is uncertain if the injury related to the stabbing incident.

SAPS spokesman, Captain Jabulani Ncube confirmed the death of the minor but could not release the name because the next of kin had not yet been advised.

A KZN Medico-legal mortuary vehicle struggled to enter the swimming pool parking area, owing to the vast number of people openly drinking, dancing and smoking.

Deputy chairperson of the Community Policing Forum, Johan Pieters was joined by private security representatives and members of Newcastle 911.

He described the scene as ‘chaos’. He urged motorists to avoid the area completely, due to a high volume of people stumbling onto the road and a mass of broken glass on the surface.

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