amanda phungula missing

The family of Amanda Phungula, 15, who has been missing for a week now, is desperate for answers.

She was last seen in the Yellowwood Park area.

Amanda Phungula went missing last week Wednesday.

The family says she was wearing black leggings, pink sneakers and a navy blue jacket with red and white stripes.

Her elder sister, Andile Phungula says they are trying to follow as many leads as possible.

amanda phungula missing
Amanda Phungula, 15, has been missing for a week. Pic supplied

“We are getting leads and trying to follow up. But we don’t know if these leads can be trusted. We are worried about our safety, especially when following leads but because of desperation in trying to find her, we go anyway.”

“Nobody knows what happened to her. We contacted all her friends, and nobody seems to know about her whereabouts. She has never done this before.

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“It just doesn’t make sense. She has to come home there is nowhere else but home. Wherever she is, I know it’s not better than home,” says Phungula.

Police’s Nqobile Gwala confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation.