twin babies found dead in fridge

The Wesbank community in Cape Town is reeling in shock after the bodies of twin babies were found in a freezer at their home.

Their 35-year-old mother has been taken in for questioning by Western Cape police after the gruesome discovery.

The shocking discovery was made by the landlord of the house in Montcello Street in Wesbank at about 3am on Monday.

Police have now taken in their mother for questioning after the children, believed to be less than six months old, were found on Monday.

The man immediately called police and said the mother was out partying when he made the grisly discovery.

A witness at the scene, who asked not to be named, says the community was outraged when police pulled up and people heard the children were dead.

“We were all sitting outside our houses when we just saw all the blue lights arrive.

“It was when a morgue van pulled up that everyone became concerned,” the witness says.

She says as forensic crime scene experts came out of the house carrying the tiny body bags, “people lost their minds”.

She says the reason why people were enraged is because “they knew the mother was abusive” but didn’t realise how bad the situation was.

A concerned neighbour says she believes the dead children were “better off”.

“They are always partying and drinking at that house and look how they are drinking even now after the bodies were discovered,” the disgusted woman says.

“When police came to fetch her (the mother), everyone told her she’d better stay inside (jail) because they are going to kill her.

“They were only children but I am sorry to say they are better off,” the woman added.

On Thursday, police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk said a resident had notified the police of the bodies at a house in the suburb.

Van Wyk added an autopsy would be held to determine the cause of death and ages of the babies.