Watch: Dog teases black mamba gets fatally bitten, while owner films

dog bitten by cobra video

The Durban community and pet lovers across social media are outraged after a Verulam dog owner filmed a fatal attack of their dog and never tried to help.

The video has attracted a lot of comments lambasting the dog owner who did not try to pull the dog back.

The dog apparently died after being bitten by the black mamba.

The video has been shared widely on Facebook. It is also on private security company, Reaction Unit South Africa’s (Rusa) Facebook page where it has elicited angry comments from the public.

According to Rusa the amateur video was supplied by a resident in Trenance Park, Verulam.

“The resident was alerted to the snake on her property by her dog. The family pet was bitten by the snake and later died. The Black Mamba measuring approximately two (2) meters was killed by a passerby who then removed it from the property. Reaction Unit South Africa did not attend this callout,” the company said.

SPCA has been alerted but have not yet responded.

Comments on the viral video on Facebook were scathing of the owner for not protecting the pet.

Luancia Reddy questioned why the owner did not all the dog inside during the incident.

“Common sense would tell you that the snake is dangerous and will most likely bite the dog. Would they let their child stand next to the snake!? Absolutely awful people! They don’t deserve to have a pet ever again, this is extremely sad to watch”.

Fatima Adhman echoed Reddy’s comment and said: “Imagine if that was ur (sic) child would u (sic) have left the child to be bitten?

Keshlen Reddy, however, said conclusions were being drawn after only viewing a portion of the video.

“We only saw a small snippet of events and conclusions are being drawn. Maybe she tried to call it in and it didn’t listen. Maybe she didn’t. We are also not sure what action was taken after the dog was bitten. Inspect away inspector from SPCA, and good luck with getting a prosecution”.


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