Watch: M4 closed after part of it is washed away by floods

m4 flooded

Motorists have been warned to avoid the M4 highway as heavy rains have washed away the road near the uMhlanga Bridge. Spokesperson for the Metro Police, Senior Superintendant Parboo Sewpersad confirmed that the highway has been temporarily closed.

“The M4 is closed in between uMhlanga and Sibaya Casino for an assessment to be done regarding the roadway being washed away,” he said.

A video of a torrent of water gushing down the hillside in to a housing complex on Newlands Drive in uMhlanga has been circulating on social media.

Terry Rens of the uMdloti UIP warned residents to use alternate routes.

“The M4 between the Sibaya circle and uMhlanga has been closed due to a wash away on the uMhlanga River Bridge. It’s undermined the road quite extensively. Any weight on that road can cause damage. We don’t know when it will be repaired. It’s closed from Sibaya circle to uMhlanga. You can get to Sibaya from uMdloti, but from there, you need to use the N2 Highway,” she said.

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